BuddyTalk, Alexa Voice Service, Alexa Communication, Alexa for Business


A Family of Alexa Built-in intelligent speakerphone and smartspeaker systems

BT100Optimized for residential and SMB users, the BT100 offers free calls to North America and the U.K. 

BT110Configured to permit a VoIP subscription for incoming and outgoing calls, the BT110 is well suited for residential, SMB, and enterprise customers. 

BT120: With Alexa Communication (ACM) disabled, the BT120 is configured to permit a VoIP subscription for incoming and outgoing calls, and is well suited for areas where ACM is not available and call features are highly desirable. 

BT200: Being Amazon Alexa Voice Service and Alexa for Business qualified, the BT200 provides a suite of enterprise applications and services for business customers.

Companion Apps and Devices: BuddyTalk App, Tablet Controller, and other accessories

Alexa built-in

BuddyTalk Family Common Features

The BuddyTalk is a family of Alexa built-in, high quality speakerphone two-way communication devices.  The features and functionality common across the BoddyTalk product family include:

A Smartspeaker Supporting a Broad Range of AVS-Enabled Features

Examples of Alexa Voice Service features supported:

  • Standard Alexa questions and commands, timers, alarms, reminders, and voice-enabled control of AVS-supported IoT devices

Multiple Voice Interfaces

The BuddyTalk products can be used with multiple Voice Interfaces:

  • Convenient and high-quality hands-free Speakerphone mode for offices and conference rooms
  • Smartphone or POTS-based Private voice mode

Convenient Call Control

The BuddyTalk products offer Convenient Call Control via:

  • Voice Commands*
  • Built-in Touch Panel
  • Optional Tablet Controller
  • Companion Mobile App
  • RJ`11 POTS phone

*: BT120 does not support Voice-based call control.

Far-Field AVS interactions and High-Quality Hands-Free Two-Way Audio

With advanced audio processing and acoustic design, the BuddyTalk products offer

  • Reliable Far-Field Alexa Voice Service interactions with 360o voice pickup
  • High-Quality Hands-Free speakerphone for Two-Way voice communications

Superior Voice Quality

The BuddyTalk products deliver Superior Voice Quality with

  • High-quality wideband codecs (e.g., Opus, G.722, AMR WB)
  • Advanced network impairment handling techniques (adaptive jitter buffer, NetEQTM, packet loss concealment, etc.)

Dual Network Interfaces supporting Flexible Network Configurations

The BuddyTalk products come with dual network interfaces – Ethernet and WiFi, providing multiple networking modes for flexible network configurations and deployments:

  • Redundant mode for connectivity resiliency
  • Dual-Homed mode for isolated voice and data networks
  • VLAN tagging for voice/data traffic segregation
  • VPN for enterprise network traversal


Flexible Numbering Schemes for diverse calling methods

The BuddyTalk products utlize Digitmaps and Digit Replacement Rules to deliver Flexible Numbering Schemes for diverse calling methods such as:

  • Calling with or without prefixes
  • Insertion or deletion of access codes

This feature allows the BuddyTalk users to use different call control methods (voice commands, mobile app, tablet controller, POTS phone) conveniently and seamlessly in environments where prefixes or dialing codes are required. 

Secured Communications

The BuddyTalk products utlizes multi-level of security covering:

  • HTTPS/HTTP2 secured connections for message exchanges
  • TLS for voice signaling
  • SRTP with ZRTP/SDES key negotiation for secured media communication 
  • Secure Web Socket for device and Tablet Controller/Mobile App communications

House Wiring Support for POTS Calling from Multiple Rooms

The BuddyTalk products have a built-in RJ11 port with intra-building lightning protection and GR-909 line diagnostics, thus, supporting POTS calling from multiple rooms through House Wiring 

Differences among BuddyTalk Models

  • Comparing BT100 and BT110
  • Comparing BT110 and BT120
  • BT200, a BuddyTalk model uniquely suited for enterprise customers

BT100 and BT110

  • Both BT100 and BT110 are Alexa Voice Service (AVS) and Alexa Communication (ACM) certified and enabled.
  • BT100 uses the ACM COBO Calling, an Alexa VoIP termination service, providing free outbound calls to areas covered by the Amazon ACM termination network (North America and U.K., etc.)
  • Through ACM, BT100 supports Alexa-to-Alexa calling, Alexa-to-Skype calling, Messaging, Drop-ins, and Announcements.
BT100 ACM with Alexa Calling
  • BT110 uses the ACM Native (BuddyTalk) Calling
    • Utilizing BuddyTalk’s SIP/VoIP stack
    • Permits subscription of a VoIP service 
    • Provides both inbound and outbound calling
  • Through ACM, BT110 supports Alexa-to-Alexa calling, Alexa-to-Skype calling, Messaging, Drop-ins, and Announcements.
BT110 ACM with BuddyTalk Calling

BT110 and BT120

  • BT120 is a derivative product from BT110, with Alexa Voice Service (AVS) certified and Alexa Communication (ACM) disabled.  It also permits features calls.
  • BT120: 
    • A derivative product from BT110 with:
      • Alexa Voice Service certified
      • Alexa Communication disabled
      • Feature calls permitted, e.g.:
        • Call hold, blind call transfer, consulted call transfer, 3-way calls, etc.
    • Particularly suitable in areas/regions where Alexa Communication is unavailable, or for applications for which feature calls are highly desirable.


  • Alexa Voice Service and Alexa for Business certified and enabled. It uses Phone Call Control (PCC) to interact between Alexa for Business server and BuddyTalk SIP/VoIP stack for phone calls.
  • Through Phone Call Control and BuddyTalk SIP/VoIP stack for phone call control
  • With Alexa for Business, BT200 users can interact with enterprise services and applications supported by Alexa for Business.
    • Reserve conference rooms, setup meetings and update calendar.
    • Seamlessly manage, initiate, and participate in conference calls

BuddyTalk Family Comparison Table

The BuddyTalk series is a family of voice-enabled intelligent speakerphone/smartspeakers comprised of the BT100, BT110, BT120, and BT200 products. Offering unprecedented calling flexibility, the BT100 is optimized for residential users while the BT110 is suitable for residential, SMB, and enterprise users.  The BT120 is particularly well positioned for uses who require set-based call features or for areas where the Amazon Alexa Communication is not available.  With Alexa-for-Business integration, the BT200 is uniquely positioned to provide a range of Alexa-for-Business supported enterprise applications and services.