Why is the BT110 device Phone LED showing red?

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Red Phone LED indicates one of the following: the SIP registration is not successful, the Alexa Communication registration is not successful, or both are not successful.

There are multiple possible causes to this problem:

  1. Your network connection to the public Internet.
    • If your Internet connection is down, then, your Phone LED will turn red, and you will not be able to issue Alexa commands, nor can you make outbound calls or receiving inbound calls.  Action: Check your network connection.
    • If your network connection fails and recovers, or if your network connection transition from Ethernet to Wi-Fi or vice versa, then, the BT device will need to re-register to the Alexa Voice Service server, Alexa Communication server, and SIP/Telephony proxy/server.  Re-registration to the Alexa Communication server may take up to 1 minute.  Before all these three registrations are complete, the Phone LED will stay red. It will turn green and then off after registrations have been completed successfully.
  2. Your SIP/Telephony account and SIP/Telephony registration.
    • Check and make sure that your SIP/Telephony account, credentials, and SIP settings have been properly entered (either using the Setup App or through the BuddyTalk device web console.
    • If you believe that you ahve entered your SIP account, credentials, and SIP settings correctly, and your network connection has no issue, then, you can try to make an incoming call to the BuddyTalk device, or use the Mobile App, Tablet Controller, or a phone that is plugged into the BuddyTalk device RJ11 phone port to make an outbound call. If you are able to receive an incoming call and/or able to make an outgoing call using one of the methods mentioned above, then, your telephony parameters have been entered correctly and your BuddyTalk device has been successfully registered to the SIP/Telephony proxy/server.
  3. Alexa and Alexa Communication registration.
    • If you have not network connection issue and your SIP/Telephony registration is successful, then, check the Alexa registration by asking Alexa a question: ‘Alexa, what time is it?‘.  If Alexa does not respond, then, you may not have registered your Alexa account properly. You can use the BuddyTalk Setup App or the BuddyTalk device web console to re-register to your Alexa account.
    • If all the tests above are successful, then, you may not have registered Alexa Communication successfully.  Try to use the following voice command to make a call “Alexa, call 15105551212.“.  If you get the following response “To call phone numbers, first register your Alexa app.“, then, your Alexa Communication is disabled. To enable Alexa Communication, please follow the instructions and enable Alexa communication from your Alexa App (open Alexa App, from the Home page, tap the Communication icon).
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