Why does my BT110’s setup process not complete and the device’s Ring LED returns to and staying in the rotating orange state?

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If your Br110’s Ring LED returns to and staying in the rotating orange state, and your BuddyTalk Setup App shows the following pages:


then, it indicates that the Setup App is unable to discover your BT110 device when they both (supposed to) connect to the network.  When this happens, you may check the following:

  1. Did you setup the BT110 device with correct credentials (SSID and passphrase) of your network Wi-Fi AP/router? You may either use the BuddyTalk Setup App or the BT110 device web GUI to re-configure the Wi-Fi setting.
    • To use the Setup App to re-configure the Wi-Fi setting, please press the ‘NEW DEVICE / Wi-Fi SETUP’ button.
    • To use the BT110 device web GUI, navigate to Network -> Interface, and the WiFi tab.

  1. Do you have your smartphone (on which the BuddyTalk Setup App reside) and the BT110 device connect to the same network?  Please make sure that the network configuration is one of the top two shown below (and preferably the simple one, i.e., the top left one). 

  1. Do your smartphone and the BT110 device have access to the Internet?  Internet access is required for the Setup App to obtain the BuddyTalk BT110’s local IP address to discover the BT110 device in your local area network.

Note that you may not experience any issue even when you enter wrong Wi-Fi AP credentials if your BT110 device is connected to the network via Ethernet while you setup your BT110 device using the BuddyTalk Setup App, until after you remove the Ethernet cable from your BT100 device.   

Detailed Explanation. The description below is for information only.  You may simply skip it if you do not wish to understand the details.

When you purchase your BT110 device (as opposed to your BT110 device being provided to you by your VoIP service provider), your BT110 setup process will consist of the following three steps:

  1. Set up your Wi-Fi. You may skip the Wi-Fi setup if you choose to connect to the network/Internet through Ethernet.
  2. Link your Amazon account to your BT110 device and complete the Amazon registration. This is a mandatory step for have your BT110 work properly (for Alexa Voice Service, Alexa Communication, and VoIP phone calls).
  3. Enter your SIP/Telephony settings and account credentials, and register to the SIP Proxy/Server. Note 1 This is required for you to use the BT110 device to make and receive calls.

Note 1. You will not be presented with Step 3 above if your BT110 device is provided and managed by your VoIP service provider.

Prior to and during Step 1 of the setup process, you should see your BT110’s Ring LED go through the following transition. When the Ring LED shows rotating orange, it indicates that the device is in the “Captive Portal (CP)” (i.e., WiFi AP) mode and your Setup App is communicating with it (as a Wi-Fi client) to exchange information (e.g., choosing your network Wi-Fi AP SSID and providing your network Wi-Fi AP’s credentials (passphrase) to the BT110 device).

Upon completing Step 1, the BT110 device will exit the CP mode and attempt to connect to the network as a Wi-Fi client using the Wi-Fi credentials provided by the user (through the Setup App) during Step 1 of the setup process, and the Setup App also disconnects from the BT110 CP and connects to the network.  In a normal case, the Setup App should discover the BT110 device in the network they both connect to, and the user will continue to Step 2 of the setup process: Linking his/her Amazon account to the BT110 device for Amazon registration.  However, if for any reason, the discovery process fails to complete within a given period of time (30 seconds), the BT110 will return to the CP mode, anticipating and waiting for the Setup App to reconnect to it and make another attempt to setup the BT110 device to properly connect to the network.  At this time, the BT110 device’s Ring LED will show rotating orange again. Upon failing to discover the BT110 device within the given period of time, the Setup App will display the following GUI pages:


Some possible reasons why this may happen include: 1. you provided incorrect network Wi-Fi AP credentials (SSID/Passphrase) to the BT110 device, thus, the BT110 device cannot connect to the Wi-Fi network, 2. your smartphone (in which the BuddyTalk Setup App resides) and the BT110 device do not connect to the same local area network (e.g., your smartphone connects to a different Wi-Fi AP router from that of the BT110 device), and therefore the Setup App cannot discover the BT110 device.  Please check your network configuration to sure that they are both connected to the same network. 

When this problem happens, you may press the ‘NEW DEVICE / Wi-Fi SETUP’ button to go back to Step 1 to configure the BT110’s Wi-Fi credentials/settings again.

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