Why does my BT110 device’s Ring LED show rotating orange?

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TheBT110 device’s Ring LED displays rotating orange under two conditions: 

  1. A fresh-out-of-factory (FooF) device boots up.  This also applies to devices which have been restored to factory default.
  2. The user presses the WiFi Setup button for > 3 seconds. 

When the device’s Ring LED displays rotating orange, it is in a Captive Portal (CP), i.e., a Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) mode, waiting to be connected by a Wi-Fi client. This is meant to be used by the BuddyTalk Setup App to connect to the BT110 device and conduct device setup and configuration.  

Note that the device is considered to be out of the FooF state only until after it has successfully registered to an Amazon account once.  Before that happens, the device is still in the FooF state even if you have configured its WiFi settings, and therefore its Ring LED will continue to display rotating orange after rebooting the device.

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