Why am I unable to use voice commands to call by name?

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If you have the following Alexa exchange when you initiate a call using a voice command to call by name:

  • You: ‘Alexa, call Christina.
  • Alexa: ‘I heard you asked for Christina, but I can’t find that name in your contacts. Do you have their phone number?

This is likely because you do not have this particular contact in the Alexa App Contacts.  Please note that Alexa searches through the Alexa App Contacts, not the BuddyTalk Mobile App contacts to find the match and initiate the call.

Also note that when you use the BiddyTalk Mobile App’s Contacts or Call History to initiate calls, the Mobile App uses the contact contained in the BuddyTalk Mobile App’s Contacts to initiate the calls.

To eliminate such confusions, please try to ensure that the contacts in your BuddyTalk Mobile App are synch’ed up with the contacts in the Alexa App.

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