Where can I purchase the BuddyTalk products?

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The BuddyTalk BT110 devices are available for purchase at Amazon.com with the following promotion bundle options:

  1. Purchase BT110 bundled with SIP/Telephony account pre-configured and $10 calling credit.  Please go to Callcentric web portal to activate the SIP/Telephony account before setting up the BT110 device. Additional information about BT110 device setup is available at Callcentric’s web site.
  2. 1000 minutes FREE from

Get FREE credit when signing up with VoIP.ms and making your very first deposit. The 1,000 minutes is an estimation based on the average outbound termination rate of VoIP.ms in U.S. 48. All details and restrictions can be found in the flyer included in the product box.

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