How to use the BT110 RJ11/Phone port

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You can use the RJ11/Phone port of the BT110 device to deliver the VoIP service that comes with the BT110 device and allow the phone(s) to make and receive calls.  The RJ11/Phone port is located near the base of the back side of the BT110 device.

There are two options for connect phone(s) to the RJ11 port:

  1. Connect a phone directly to the BT110 RJ11 port.
  2. Use your existing in-house wiring to allow phones in other rooms to access the VoIP service.


Note that if you use Option 2 (use in-house wiring), you should ensure that that the house wiring is disconnected from the PSTN line.  Also, note that the BT110 RJ11 port is spec’ed to support up to 2 RENs.  Prior to connecting to the BT110 RJ11 port, you may optionally run the following line diagnostics to ensure a smooth installation.

From your web console, navigate to Telephony > Line Diagnostics

Line diagnostic test items:

Also note that the AVS interactions do not go through the FXS port, i.e., the voice from the FXS port is not wakeword detected nor listened by Alexa, and Alexa responses do not go to to FXS port. However, the BT110 speaker and microphones are still available for AVS interactions even when the user is active on the FXS port, although during an active call, the AVS commands are limited to those available during active calls (volume control, DTMP dialing, hangup, etc.).

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