What are the typical use scenarios of the BT110 VPN feature?

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The BT110 VPN feature is typically used for the following two scenarios:

  1. To perform a network traversal function in the enterprise when BT110 devices are deployed behind a firewall which blocks two-way voice communications. 
  2. For remote access by remote/work-from-home workers when they wish to connect their BT110 device to an office phone network as an office phone extension or to use the office hosted voice services. 

Note that since the BT110 devices use an OpenVPN client, the VPN server needs to support the OpenVPN protocol.

The BT110 VPN client offers two routing options:

  • All traffic (both data and voice) is routed through the VPN. Choose this option when the firewall blocks both Amazon Alexa and voice services.
  • Only voice traffic (both SIP signaling and RTP/RTCP media) is routed through the VPN, and all other traffic is routed to the default gateway of the office data network.
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