What are the Alexa features supported in BT110?

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The BT110 is Alexa Voice Service (AVS) and Alexa Communication (ACM) certified as a far-field voice-activate device. The AVS features supported include:

  • Alexa questions & commands
  • Alerts (timers, alarms, etc.)
  • Shopping through AVS
  • Audible/Kindle support
  • Voice-enabled control of AVS-supported IoT devices

Note that the BT110 does not support Music Service Providers (MSP)/Multi-Room Music (MRM).

The Alexa Communication features supported include:

  • Voice commands based calling by number:
    • “Alexa, call [number].”,,where number: 1-xxx-xxxxxxx.
  • Voice commands based calling by contact name:
    • “Alexa, call [name].”, where name is a name in the Alexa App Contacts.
  • Voice command answering incoming calls:
    • “Alexa, pick up.”
  • Alexa-to-Skype calling.
    • “Alexa, Skype Mom.”
    • “Alexa, call 206-555-1212 on Skype.”
  • .Alexa-to-Alexa calling (will set up a call from one device to another in the same Alexa account.)
    • “Alexa call <Other Device Name>.”
  • Messaging.
    • “Alexa, message David.” “Sure. What’s the message?”
    • “Alexa, play my messages.”
  • Drop-ins (will immediately connect the two devices in a two-way communication.)
    • “Alexa. drop in on my Kitchen Echo.”
  • Announcements (will play the announcement on all active devices on the user’s Alexa account.)
    • “Alexa, announce that dinner is ready.”
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