Restrictions in the BT110 call feature control

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The BT110 enables the following Set-Based Call Features starting from software version

  • Call hold
  • Call waiting
  • Blind and Consulted Call Transfer
  • Three-Way Calling

While these call features are most conveniently controlled using the BuddyTalk Tablet Controller and Mobile App, the other call control mechanisms such as Alexa AVS/ACM voice commands, the BT110 touch panel buttons, and the FXS port analog phone can also be used to control some of the call features.  However, since the Amazon Alexa Communication (ACM) does not support call features, to avoid potential conflicts between the BT110 call states and those in the Alexa Communication, there are some restrictions in the BT110 call feature control.  Here are some available call feature call control vehicles:

  1. FXS port analog phone: use the phone flash hook and dial pad for call feature controls as you normally do.
  2. Touch panel: The Flash button on the Touch panel acts the same way as the flash hook of the FXS port analog phone.
  3. Voice commands can be used to terminate 3-way calls.  Note however, to avoid call state conflict with the Alexa Communication, voice commands are NOT able to terminate call waiting calls when there is a call being put on hold.
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