I have two Wi-Fi AP routers at home. Will the BuddyTalk device work properly?

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In general, having two Wi-Fi AP routers does not prevent Alexa Voice Service and Alexa Communication from working properly, that is, your voice interaction with Alexa should work properly, and, if your VoIP service is not affected, you should still be able to use voice commands for call control.  However, you should consult your VoIP service provider to see if the VoIP service will be affected by having multiple routers (multiple NAT-ing).

Attention needs to be paid to how the BuddyTalk Mobile App and the Setup App communicate with the BuddyTalk device.  In general, we suggest that the Mobile App and the Setup App (i.e., your mobile phone) be in the same subnet as your BuddyTalk device. If your network configuration is such that they are not in the same subnet, then, please ensure that, as far as the Mobile App/Setup App (i.e., the mobile phone) is concerned, the BuddyTalk device is NOT behind a NAT/firewall router from the Mobile App and the Setup App perspective. When possible, please connect your BT110 device directly to the modem/router/Wi-Fi AP device that is connected to the Internet (as shown in the top two diagrams below). Here are some examples:

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