How to restore the device to factory default and what to expect

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The BT device can be restored to factory default by either pressing through the Restore-to-factory-default pin hole for more than 5 seconds or through the web console as shown below (navigate to System > Restore To Factory).

Please note that once the unit is restored to factory default, all user configurations, including network settings, Alexa registration, Telephony settings and registration, and provisioning server if it has been changed, will be lost. One possible item the user may do is to backup the various configuration files prior to restoring the unit to factory default, and restore these configuration files after the device has been restored to factory default.  This can be done by navigating to System > Config File.

This process preserves the configuration settings, but does not retain the Alexa registration information.  Therefore, it still requires the user to go through the Alexa registration again (either using the Setup App or through the BT device web console).  Also, Uploading these configuration files requires a device reboot to take effect.

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