How to update/upgrade the BuddyTalk device firmware manually

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Your BuddyTalk device firmware is updated automatically if you do not disable the ‘Auto Update Firmware’ option during the BuddyTalk device setup process using the BuddyTalk Setup App.  To update the BuddyTalk device manually if the ‘Auto Update Firmware’ option has been disabled (See Note 1 below): Open the BuddyTalk Mobile App.  From the Home Page, tab the Menu icon at the upper left corner. Then tap About.  Then, tap UPDATE DEVICE FIRMWARE.

Also see the Manual Image Upgrade video.

Note 1: You can perform manual image upgrade/update only if you have disabled the Audo Update Firmware option during setup as shown below.

If you have the Auto Update Firmware option enabled, or if the firmware version on your BuddyTalk device is the same as the firmware version on the BuddyTalk server, then, you will not see the UPDATE DEVICE FIRMWARE button.  Instead, you will see a screen similar to what’s shown below.

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