How to import contacts to Mobile App/Tablet Controller, and what to look out for?

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From the HOME page tap CONTACTS, then, tap IMPORT 


There are three options: 

  1. Import from another BT App (or the Tablet Controller)
  2. Merge your existing Mobile App contacts with your mobile phone contacts
  3. Import from your mobile phone mobile contacts

If ‘Import from another BT App‘ is chosen, then, all the other BT Apps and Tablet Controller paired with the BT device will get a ‘Contact Request‘ notification, and those Apps/Tablet Controller which respond with “YES, I AGREE.” will present to the requesting Mobile App as a choice of a source Contacts from which this requesting Mobile App can import contacts from.  

You can watch from 2:00 to 3:30 of the BuddyTalk Mobile App pairing and usage video

Note that since the ACM uses the Alexa App contacts for calling by name, it is highly advised to have the same contacts in the BuddyTalk Mobile App and the Tablet Controller as the contacts in the Alexa App.  To do so, you can import your mobile phone contacts to the Alexa App, and import the same contacts from your mobile phone to the BuddyTalk Mobile App and the Tablet Controller. 

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