How to access the BuddyTalk device web console

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To access the BuddyTalk device web console, you need to have the following:

  1. The web console user ID and password
  2. The BuddyTalk device IP address

If you have not changed your user ID/PW, then, you can find the default BuddyTalk device ID/PW on the bottom of the device. 

If you have changed the BuddyTalk device ID/PW and do not remember the new ID/PW, then, you can use your Mobile App to reset your BuddyTalk device ID/PW to their default values. If you have not set up your Mobile App, you can down load the BuddyTalk Mobile App from Google Play store or iOS App store, and follow the instructions in the BuddyTalk Mobile App paring and usage video to pair the Mobile App to your BuddyTalk device.

To get the BuddyTalk device IP address, please press the Flash button on the top of the device for 3 seconds.  You can also get the device IP address by dialing ‘***1’ with a POTS phone plugged into the RJ11 port of the BT110 device.


Once you have both the BuddyTalk device web console user ID/PW and the BuddyTalk device IP address, you can use a browser to connect to the BuddyTalk device web console by typing:, where is your BuddyTalk device IP address. You will be presented the web console login page as below.  Enter your user ID/PW.

After you enter into the BuddyTalk device’s web console, you can choose to change the user ID/PW.  To do so, click System > User and arrive at the following web page and change your ID/PW. 

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