Does the BuddyTalk BT110 support call features?

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Note that the information below applies to BT110 software version v1.0.7.6 or older.  For software version v1.0.7.7 and beyond, please see the BT110 set-based call feature support.

The BT110 is Alexa Communication (ACM) certified and uses ACM to allow voice commands based call control.  Since ACM does not support call features, the BT110 has disabled all set/device based call features in order not to be out of synch with the ACM states.  However, all server based call features are still available if the VoIP service you are using provides server based call features. To use server-based call features, please ensure that the proper call feature triggering mechanisms are enabled. These triggering mechanisms may include star codes and/or hook flashes, the latter requires hook flash events to be sent either via SIP Info or SIP Notify. Therefore, please make sure that SIP Info or SIP Notify is enabled.

If it is desirable to have set-based call features, you may consider using the BuddyTalk BT120 which disables ACM (for areas where ACM is not available) but enables set-based call features.

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