Does the BT110 support VLAN tagging for traffic segregation?

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Yes.  The BT110 supports VLAN tagging.  Two typical VLAN configurations are given below:

  • SIP signaling, voice media (RTP), and data traffic are separated into three different VLANs , with three different IP addresses belonging to three separate subnets. 
  • SIP signaling and voice traffic are configured with the same VLAN ID and IP address, which are different from the data VLAN ID and data IP address.   

Please see Configuring Network Interfaces for details.

Note that

  1. The Tablet Controller and Mobile App will communicate with the BT device through the data subnet, thus, please ensure that the Tablet Controller and the Mobile App have access to the data subnet.
  2. The VLAN feature is applicable to the Ethernet interface only.
  3. The following three features: VPN, VLAN and Dual Homed, are mutually exclusive, i.e. only one of these features item can be activated at one time.

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