Can the BT110 work with an existing office IP-PBX?

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The BT110 can be configured as an IP-Phone extension to an existing IP-PBX.  You just need to configure the IP address and the SIP domain name of the IP-PBX in the Telephony Profile settings, and the user credential and extension number in the Telephony Port settings. Additionally, with the BT110, you can use the Digitmaps and Digit Replacement Rules handle IP-PBX’s prefix based calling plan to allow users to seamlessly use their existing contacts in the Alexa App and Mobile App/Tablet Controller for convenient call controls. BT110 further supports its use in enterprise environments where the voice network is isolated from the data network using the Dual-Homed mode in BT110’s network configuration.

Configure BT110 to be an IP-phone extension

Navigate to Telephony > Profile Config to configure your IP-PBX to be the SIP Proxy server of the BT110 device.

Navigate to Telephony > Port Config to configure the extension number and enter the required user credentials for the BuddyTalk device to be an IP-phone extension.

Retaining the convenience of Alexa voice calling capabilities with your IP-PBX prefix-based dial plan

If your IP-PBX requires a prefix for external dialing, to be able to use Alexa voice commands, Mobile App and Tablet Controller’s contacts without modifying their contact numbers with the IP-PBX prefix, you can use the BT devices Digitmaps and Digit Replacement Rules to automatically take care of the various prefix requirements.  An example of such Digitmap and Digit Replacement Rule for the following IP-PBX dial plan where a prefix of ‘9’ is required for external dialing is given below:

Please see Dialing Plan, Digitmaps, and Digit Replacement Rules for details.

As a result, you will be able to enjoy the convenience of Alexa voice command dialing, the flexibility of smartphone Mobile App based call control, and yet connect seamlessly as an IP-phone extension to your office IP-PBX system.

Handling voice network being isolated from data network

If your IP-PBX is located in a voice network which is isolated from the company data network, then, you can configure the BT110 with the Dual-Homed mode so that the BT110 can communicate with the IP-PBX in the voice network, and concurrently access the Alexa servers in the Internet.

Please see Dual-Homed Mode Setup for details.

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