BT120 Setup and Deployment -

Setup Completion Validation Testing

Alexa built-in

Setting up and Deploying BT120 in a Home or an Office Environment

At this point, you should have completed all the setup steps including Prerequisites, Basic Network Access, Amazon Account linking, and SIP Parameter Setup, Mid-Point Alexa Voice Service TestsNetwork Configuration and SIP Account Setup via Web Console, and are ready to conduct the final Setup Completion Validation Tests. 

Setup Completion Validation Tests

Before proceeding to the Setup Completion Validation tests, please confirm visually that both the Ring LED and the Phone LED are off. This is an indication that the BuddyTalk device has successfully completed the AVS authentication/registration and the SIP/Telephony registration. 

Please check the network connection and AVS Client authorization if the Ring LED continues to be rotating green, and check whether the SIP Settings have been properly entered for SIP/Telephony registration if the Phone LED remains to be red:

Upon completing the BT120 setup procedures, you may perform the following tests to confirm that the BT120 device has been set up correctly to provide Alexa Voice Service and BuddyTalk Calling services.

Alexa Voice Service Tests

Description User Questions/Commands and Expected Alexa Responses
Basic Question
User: "Alexa, what time is it?"
Alexa: "It is 8:40 am"
Set a Reminder
User: “Alexa, set a reminder.”
Alexa: “What’s the reminder for?”
User: “To go to the airport”
Alexa: “When should I remind you?”
User: “Tomorrow at 10 am.”
Alexa: “OK. I will remind you tomorrow at 10 am.”

BuddyTalk Calling Tests

The BuddyTalk calling can be verified by using a phone plugged into the BT120 RJ11 port and dial a valid PSTN number.  Alternative, if you have already setup a Tablet Controller or a Mobile App, you can also use the Tablet Controller or the Mobile App to make a valid PSTN call. 

Congratulations!!  You have successfully completed the setup for the BuddyTalk device to provide Alexa Voice Service and BuddyTalk calling features. 

You can proceed to the optional BuddyTalk Tablet Controller and Mobile App setup if you would like to setup a companion BuddyTalk Mobile App and/or if you have a BuddyTalk Tablet Controller.