BuddyTalk, Alexa Voice Service, Alexa Communication, Alexa for Business

BuddyTalk BT100

An Alexa Voice Service (AVS) and Alexa Communication (ACM) enabled intelligent speakerphone and smartspeaker delivering free calls to North America and the U.K. serving the needs of residential & SMB customers



Alexa built-in

Alexa Voice Service (AVS)


Certified by Amazon AVS, the BuddyTalk platform supports a broad range of AVS smartspeaker features such as standard Alexa questions & commands, timers, alarms, reminders, and voice-enabled control of AVS-supported IoT devices.

Alexa Communication (ACM)


With the Alexa Communication extension, the BT100 supports Alexa-to-Alexa and Alexa-to-Skype incoming and outgoing calls, messaging, drop-ins, announcements, as well as free outgoing calls to PSTN or mobile phone numbers in North America and the U.K. through the Alexa Calling networks. This free calling feature, together with its superior voice quality in 2-way hands-free voice communications, convenience in call control, and its multiple voice interfaces make the BT100 an ideal voice communications device for residential & SMB users.


BT100 ACM with Alexa Calling

BuddyTalk Family

The BuddyTalk series is a family of voice-enabled intelligent speakerphone/smartspeakers comprised of the BT100, BT110, and BT200 products. Offering unprecedented calling flexibility, the BT100 is optimized for residential users while the BT110 is suitable for residential, SMB, and enterprise users.  With Alexa-for-Business integration, the BT200 is uniquely positioned to provide a range of Alexa-for-Business supported enterprise applications and services.